About Us

KKHAIR a Chinese enterprise specializing in the wig industry for many years. At present, we have started to make our own brand. We can help you with any questions about wigs, and we promise to provide you with good quality and low-cost products.

We are located at the intersection of Baling Road and Xinxing West Road, Xuchang City, Henan, China.Xuchang has always been known as the capital of wigs in the world.It is said that out of every 10 wigs sold in the world, 6 come from Xuchang.

Relying on high-quality and cheap local resources and KKHAIR's professional wig workers, KKHAIR was able to produce top quality wig products.

On top of this, KKHAIR provides a first-class service experience. From the time you enter the online store to the use of your products, if you have any doubts or dissatisfaction, KKHAIR is on standby for you.

The following are some real photos of the KKHAIR factory: