How to wash my human hair wig?

Nowadays, wigs have become a must for trendsetters to go out. More and more people wear wigs, but how to maintain wigs and recycle them is not so simple. The wigs are fixed on the hood one by one. They have no regenerative capacity. If they are not stored properly, one wig will be lost, and they will also be contaminated with bacteria and dust, causing damage to the scalp. Therefore, we should wash our wigs regularly and correctly, and maintain them well for our daily use.

First, we need to prepare the following items: wig, shampoo, conditioner, dry towel, comb, and a basin of water.

1. Before cleaning the wig, in order to make the wig more smooth, we first hang the wig down the hair, and then select a wood comb with loose hair teeth to comb the wig. Remember not to use steel combs, plastic combs, etc. to prevent static electricity from causing knots.

Straighten the wig with a wooden comb

2. Secondly, the wig cover inside should be exposed, so that the wig can be cleaned better, and the wig should be turned from inside to outside.

Mix water to blend the conditioner with water

3. Pour about 20-30 degrees of warm water into the basin. To protect the hair from overheating, soak the wig in warm water for a few minutes. Do not soak the wig for a long time to prevent it from deforming or even falling off.

Gently knead from the tip of your hair to the top

4. Then add a few drops of shampoo to the basin, stir it with your hands until it foams slightly, then put the wig in, and wash it section by section in the direction of the wig by pressing it. The method must be gentle. Never scrub or machine wash it to prevent the wig from falling off. After washing, wash with more water.

5. Add an appropriate amount of conditioner to the fully rinsed wig. After soaking for a few minutes, the conditioner has been melted into the hair. You can easily comb the wig smoothly with a comb, and put the wig into the water and gently rub it from the hair tip up until each hair is cleaned.

Rinse the wig immersed in water for 2-3 times

6. Take out the hair that has been repeatedly cleaned for 2 to 3 times, wrap it in the middle of a clean towel, gently press it, turn the towel over and press the other side until no water drips, and put it on the support that is specially used to place the wig. Let the wig fall down and dry naturally in a cool and ventilated place. Do not use a hair dryer or external force to dry it, so as not to damage the wig.

Use a dry towel to absorb moisture from the wig

7. Do not comb the synthetic fiber wig when it is still wet, which will affect the puffiness of the wig. However, there is a kind of wig that can be combed under semi wet conditions, that is, the wig combined with synthetic fiber and human hair. So when the wig is completely dried, gently comb it with a wooden comb.

8. In order to maintain the gloss of the wig, spray hair spray on the dry wig, so that the maintained wig is soft and bright.

beautiful wig

Those with sensitive systems should not wear synthetic wigs. The wig should be washed once a week, which can effectively avoid the infection of the wig to the scalp caused by stuffy heat after sweating.
In addition to regular cleaning, the wig should also be combed in the market during daily wear, just like taking care of your own hair. When taking off the wig, it should be combed with a wooden comb again smoothly, which is also convenient for next wear.
KKHAIR believes that as long as you want to take care of your hair, take good care of your wig and clean it regularly, you can extend the life of your wig while maintaining its luster, making your wig as beautiful as real hair.

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